Based on various postings on my Google+ stream on Ingress, I came across The Alignment series by Thomas Greanias. His recent publication The Alignment: Ingress marks the start of the new series and it wets your appetite for more episodes in the universe of Ingress.

Following my review I recently posted on

Honestly, I never heard of Thomas Greanias before those numerous postings on Google+. Transforming Ingress field reports into captivating stories for readers all over the world is a ingenious idea. Personally, I really Thomas' writing style, it's fresh, easy to read even for non-native speakers and he manages to keep the tension high.

The Alignment: Ingress is mainly build up by two parallel running plots based on their protagonists Hank Johnson and Conrad Yeats which of course cross over and influence each other. The whole story is based on the successful augmented reality app called Ingress by Niantic Labs, and throughout the story lots of information is given on Exotic Matter (XM), the ancient relationship of Shapers and new clues about what might be to be expected in updates of the Android app.

The author understands how to take various elements from biblical passages, well-established theories about the history of mankind, and celestial maps in order to weave a net of fictional facts. He keeps the reader glued to the pages, and leaves quite a number of hints to enlighten your fantasy and imagination about the story as well as to challenge your intellect.

The Alignment: Ingress is classified as a novella and therefore it stands its ground. Unhappily (at least to my opinion) this first book was a quick read. I'm really looking forward to get more inside views about the Niantic Project through Hank Johnson and historical references by Conrad Yeats.

Mr Greanias, well done! Please give us more.

As an owner of an Android smartphone or tablet, you should get yourself into the world of Ingress. Check out the Play Store to install the app. Now. ;-)