"The only frontiers are in your mind"

Jochen Kirstätter during a presentation on AngularJS in a line-of-business application
Hi, my name is Jochen Kirstätter, also known as "JoKi". I'm a software craftsman, blogger, community founder, and speaker. Although I have been awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Developer Technologies and as Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Cloud I neither work for Microsoft nor for Google. These awards are a recognition of my community contributions, my passion to share knowledge, and my activities to engage with their respective services and products over years.

Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community

The MSCC was founded back in May 2013 when my daily job as well as my private life allowed me to have a bit of spare time, and my passion to share knowledge and information with like-minded geeks came together. Since then the community has grown as the largest and most active user group in Mauritius. We organise the annual Developers Conference, run monthly meetings on various topics, and constantly encourage young and old people to venture into the world of information technology.

Google Developer Group Mauritius

The GDG Mauritius was an idea that kept me thinking about since 2015. During the first annual Developers Conference I was hoping that there would be other Google geeks to probably kick off a local GDG chapter. Unfortunately, it do not happen back then. Back in June 2017 I applied for and founded the GDG Mauritius given that my interest in Google technologies was ever increasing and I felt the need to balance the emphasis on Microsoft technologies.

Ways of Contact

I would love it if you would subscribe to my blog's RSS feed. I'm also on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

If you just want to email me, go ahead send an email to jochen@kirstaetter.name but be nice and make sure you questioned the interweb a bit before you do.


Although living on a tropical island, Jochen Kirstätter is a business owner and entrepreneur in different industry sectors. He is operating in the development of tailor-made software solutions since more than 20 years. You can either meet him at the weekly Code & Coffee meetups of the Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community or reach him easily on Twitter @JKirstaetter.

Jochen is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies and a Google GDE for Cloud. He founded the now largest IT community in Mauritius, and organises the annual Developers Conference. Following his interest in cross-platform technologies he is also an organiser of GDG Mauritius.