Thanks to an older article of Scott Hanselman I came across this gem: Google Maps Guestmap Service. The service itself allows anyone to pin their location on a world map with some basic information and icon. Looking at Scott's map with more than 1900 pins, it's truely amazing!

Where are my readers located?

It's quite fascinating to get to know where readers of this blog are actually coming from. Yes, of course, I already have a rough idea about your whereabouts based on Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics but it gives me only some blurred data. Based on my experience with the presented map I would recommend you to use Google Maps Guestmap directly in case that you would like to add yourself.

Google Maps Guestmap Service is provided by MapServices

It would be great to have a couple of pins soon... Thanks!

Call for action: Pin yourself

Actually, their service comes in two flavours: the basic, free mode and the sponsored-mode:

Sponsored-mode features

  • No more ads shown on your map!
  • No more "donate" button over your map!
  • No restriction on number of pins shown at a given time (non-donating users can only see 500 pins a time)
  • Password-protected maps (define a password that will be required to see your map)
  • Edit the marker-input dialog (remove fields, change the message caption)

For the time being, I run the map in basic mode. But looking forward to reach the restriction of 500 pins quickly in order to donate and support them as quickly as possible. Dear readers, this is my call for action! Add your pins and push me. ;-)

Interestingly, the amount for a donation to MapServices is freely selectable. Please use the comment section below for your feedback and suggestions. For example, what do you think about their service? Would you use it for your website? Other purposes? And last but not least, how much money would you donate?

Pin and geo-tag yourself on the Guestmap above, and watch it grow like a patchwork pattern over the next couple of weeks and months.