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The Superlative Stream by Kerry Nietz

Reading, reading and more reading... The last couple of days have been a great experience. Despite having excursions into the fictitious future of our civilisation it was also interesting to see the ongoing twists in the realms of religion. Not that I'm really into that but I like to the various facets. The second book of the DarkTrench science-fiction novel by Kerry Nietz takes place in the remote star system of Betelgeuse - approximately 642.5 light years distance to Earth...

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Forced by the circumstances of his own liberation SandFly and HardCandy board the ultra-modern spaceship DarkTrench and continue their journey of enlightenment in the remote star system of Betelgeuse. Following their exploration of the superlative stream they are getting confronted with more than they expected to...

Once again, Kerry puts the reader into the role of the debugger DR 63, aka SandFly, and lets you experience the story more closely. Even though the plot takes place in a remote location and far future its content stays with you, the world as it is and the various conflicts - inner and outer ones the same. Even in more advanced environments like the DarkTrench saga confront you with the basic elements of humanity, believe and faith. Eventually, the longing connections between Islamic culture, Christionaity and Atheism might not be one of favourites. Nonetheless, this trilogy has its own 'classic' appeal in the world of science-fiction.

Only the last book of the DarkTrench Saga missing: