Finally, I could spent some time reading during the festive days... And it was a good decision. The first science-fiction novel by Kerry Nietz already spent some time on my (virtual) bookshelf, and my inner tension to get to read that title grew over the past few weeks.

Following my review, also published on Amazon:

Surprisingly refreshing

Welcome the cyber world of the future...
After the general time change, you start your journey in the year 2000 AH (~ 2600 AD) as a debugger. You delve into the daily life of the title's protagonist, SandFly. You get an understanding of how the world has been evolved during the centuries and that the cultural background of this modern society has very deep roots.

The first-person writing style of Kerry really gets you more involved into the story. The happening of events feels more intensive and surprisingly refreshing. Similar to his previous non-fictional book there are quite a good number of jokes and I had a good laugh more than once for sure. The balance between science, humanity and religious aspects is very well drawn.

I'm looking forward to read more about the DarkTrench Saga soon: