Catching up on a couple of sessions I did in the past. This article gives an overview of some of my activities.

Mainly at the annual German Visual FoxPro Developer Conference also known as SQL-Server & ASP.NET Conference in Frankfurt. The below listed entries are excerpts from the original Conference Coverage documents you'll find on UniversalThread.

Furthermore, I did a couple of (hopefully) interesting sessions at various user group meetings in Speyer and Stuttgart. A more comprehensive list is available under Presentations (in German language).

And last but not least, back in May 2005 Microsoft Germany invited me to host a WebCast for MSDN on how to use 'Visual FoxPro mit Visual Studio 2005'. Unfortunately, I was too unexperienced and too nervous (first time ever), we experienced technical issues with the microphone, and the obviously low quality of recording demanded to replace it by a whole series on Visual FoxPro 9.0. The webcast covered the same topics I already described in other articles here on my blog. Despite the desaster I'd like to thank Ralf Westphal for his kind words afterwards - I really felt bad.

Eventually, you might ask yourself why it stopped by the end of 2006... Well, new chapter in my life: Mauritius!