You're working in IT and not using any kind of version control system? Sorry, then you're doing something wrong!

RSVP for MSCC meetup of June

This month's meetup will be an introduction into the mechanics of version control systems (VCS) like git, Mercurial, TFS, and others in general. VCS are not optional but compulsory in any area of IT. Whether you're developing source code for the next buzz app, writing SQL scripts for your database, or automating your administrative tasks with shell scripts it's better to have a "time machine" in order to keep multiple version, stay organised and leverage the power of differences.

git - a modern approach to VCS - Nayar

Nayar is going to give us a brief overview of the basic principles of working with git. Which are the necessary steps to get started and which are the usual commands in order to get the most out of git.

Visual Studio Online (VSO) - Jochen

Are you mainly rooted on the Windows platform and looking for a good alternative to Team Foundation Services (TFS), then VSO might give you hand at achieving this. Similar to git VSO is an open infrastructure but plays very well together with the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Recent and upcoming events in Mauritius

Let's have a chat about recent events like WebCup 2014 or Emtel Knowledge Series and have a head start on upcoming events like Code Challenge, and others to come.

Networking and general discussions

Of course, there will be plenty of time to chat and exchange with other like-minded craftsmen. Bring your topics and discuss various issues with other professionals. Share your experience and use the ability to learn from others.

Looking forward to meet soon.