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Hit Refresh

Mid of October I received an interesting opportunity from our regional MVP lead Hande asking for contributions to support Satya Nadella's book 'Hit Refresh' on the MVP Award Blog.

Following is an excerpt of my 'hit refresh moment' which has been published on the MVP Award blog in full here: We Love Hearing About How These MVPs Have #HitRefresh!

My hit refresh moment came when I left my comfort zone completely and embarked on a journey into the unexpected.

At the time I had a long-time established, safe and secured employment in a medium-sized company with fantastic colleagues and interesting projects to work on. Over the years I managed to ...

When my employer offered me an CxO position in their new-to-be office in Mauritius I went all-in. Literally, my life and professional career was rewinded back to zero. Going to a foreign country not knowing anyone there, learning to communicate ...

Now, looking back after more than ten years I have to admit it was the best decision ever. On private side I got married and we have two adorable children since then. In terms of professional career I have to report that I incorporated my own businesses in software development, in online content marketing, and in ...

Changing my life in such a drastic way was an experience of a life-time. It turned out for the better. I have no regrets about this decision, and I would do it again any time.

This post is part of the collection of #HitRefresh moments. Read more at www.hitrefreshbook.com