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Hi Avinash,

Well, this topic is really interesting, and I spoke about that on several occasions with friends and family. Honestly, there are so many topics that leaves me only by shaking my head or giving face palms to the responsible bodies. But one thing for sure that I discovered is simply the fact that it isn't about competency at all. It's simply about "copinage" and putting money in your pockets.

Just to mention a few topics:

  • Cyber Island: Since years simply a joke and recent article in the news confirms it. Rank #131 out of 183 countries.
  • Ile Durable: Very hot topic as it involves everyone. There is absolutely no consciousness in the population to handle water, energy and fuel properly. It starts in every single household by educating the children to throw their rubbish into the bin instead of on the road or the drains. The availability of solar energy panels is almost zero, or extremely expensive. There are no rain water collection tanks. If you have a look at other island nations, like ie. Bahamas it is compulsory that every house collects rain water. Ask anyone on the street about what recycling is... You'll be amazed by the answers!
  • 'Mauritius, c'est un plaisir': After spending millions of Rupees into the PM's company in UK, that slogan was silently changed into 'Simply divine' to avoid to build up an image of loathing and entertainment.
  • Airport Terminal: Actually, I'm not referring to Nandanee but the initial phase where the construction company was literally pushed to 'import' Chinese labourers as Mauritian fellows were either not capable or simply unreliable to do the job. IIRC, we are talking about approx. 6000 positions in craftsmanship. Especially in the south with lowest level of infrastructure and highest level of poverty in this very country.
  • Motorway M3: Tunnel or Flyover to bypass Port Louis? What a question! Well, now that various phases are done, when is the tunnel going to be ready. At the current state, it will take at least another 2 years until completion.
  • Drought: Just last week I saw a very interesting documentary about the sugar cane industry on Hawaii. I would say almost 100% identical climate and infrastructural problems. They came up with an ingenious solution and constructed an artificial drain system to connect the rainy mountain slopes to the dry plains on the other side of the mountains. It's a small tunnel system of more than 25km. Knowing the fact that most of the rain does not find it's way into the Mauritian reservoirs. Why not channel the rain water?
  • 50m for a web site? Simply outrageous and it falls into the category of putting money in your own pocket.

And the list goes on and on and on...

Don't get me wrong anyone, I simply love this island and even though that I am not a native I suffer watching, reading about or listening to quite a lot of the BS that is coming from those 'competent' public bodies. Especially, when someone blames global warming as reason for the flooding incidents in February and March. As if Mauritius doesn't know how to deal with cyclones anymore...

And guys, please leave the MET in peace. Weather is hard to predict and even that they warned about torrential rain falls, it is the local conditions of the terrain that caused the problems. Since the construction works and enlargement of the motorway the problems started. Or did we have this kind of flooding during the past years, even during cyclones? Well, at least not that I am aware of...

Just my two cents, JoKi

Tell me, what's your opinion on the aftermath of 30th March 2013?