Once again we are going to celebrate this year's Earth Hour which is going to happen today!

Uniting people to protect the planet

So, what is it about after all?

Well, the challenge in earth hour is to switch off any kind of electrical devices for at least one hour in order to honour nature and Mother Earth. It starts from disconnecting from your online activities on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, by switching off your lights in general and could beyond turning off your electrical master switch and disconnect from the power grid. Here's the official statement from Earth Hour's website:

"Earth Hour is the single, largest, symbolic mass participation event in the world.   Born out of a hope that we could mobilize people to take action on climate change, Earth Hour now inspires a global community of millions of people in 7,001 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories to switch lights off for an hour as a massive show of concern for the environment."

Our plans for tonight...

The Earth Hour in Mauritius is going to happen between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, and we are going to have a barbeque in candle lights with close friends and family. As Easter is also approaching, we might check out some treasure hunt for the children. Honestly, it's going to be another great 'off-line' experience for all of us.

Regular Earth Hour in Mauritius - anyways! ;-)

Taking the number of irregular power cuts we are experiencing through out the year, I would simply say that in general it isn't necessary for Mauritians to explicitly celebrate Earth Hour. But of course, it's about the world-wide movement and spirit to participate and show your respect to nature.

Talking about Mauritius, the website of Earth Hour also lists countries where regional or local activists come together and organise themselves for this special occassion. Again, another great opportunity to meet great and passionate people in your neighbourhood. Eventually, you might like to check out Earth Mauritius - even though their website is too "flashy" for my taste.