Thanks to my reader's feedback I modified the conversion routine of the article transfer from the MySQL database to XML. As the content of this blog is now UTF-8 encoded my article content has to fullfil this as well. So, using VFP this takes just another function call - Strconv() - with the right parameters.

What I did is to change two lines of code in the XML template block for the output:

<Content><<Strtran(Strconv(Strconv(Alltrim(p_summary),1),9), Chr(13)+Chr(10), "&"+"lt;br"+"&"+"gt;"+Chr(13)+Chr(10))>></Content><Title><<Strconv(Strconv(Alltrim(p_title),1),9)>></Title>
That's all. Strconv() converts characters into different encodings. You might have a look at the documentation in VFP's help file.

Sincerely, JoKi