Another book title based on my participation in the O'Reilly Reader Reviews programm. This time we are diving into the depths of online marketing. Whether it's for your own business or providing professional services to your clients as a consultant you definitely should have a go at this book.

Following my review as published on Amazon:

Practical and efficient guide

The book structure is divided in some general background information regarding past, present and maybe future social media networks to keep an eye, then explicit guidelines and marketing strategies on different fields of business, and last but not least great advice on how to get the message out to a broader audience. This allows for quick navigation and using the book as a reference rather than a back-to-back read. Personally, while reading about a particular marketing strategy I went back and forth between other chapters to fill in some interesting side-note and to cook up some ideas.

Although, using and running paid advertising services for some of my clients I still came across a big pile of improvements. The authors describe the benefits of shifting away from plain numbers in terms of search engine ranking towards conversions (and therefore earning money) very well. I'm going to keep this title in an easy to reach location on the bookshelf for obvious reasons:

  • It clearly helps me and my clients to create better and more successful marketing campaigns on social media networks.
  • It's a treasure trunk of links to outstanding online resources in order to create better adverts.
  • Lots of practical information about things to avoid ;-)

 Surely, a must-read book title for anyone selling products or services online. Create value, trust in your brand and then focus on revenue.