ProLib Software provides current runtime installers for Visual FoxPro on our Web servers at and

Today we offer a new runtime installer for deployment of applications build on Visual FoxPro Service Pack 2 CTP as announced at Visual FoxPro: October 2006 - Letter from the Editor and available at Microsoft Visual FoxPro Sedna October 2006 CTP.

Please feel free to download and use those runtime installers to deploy your own VFP solutions to your customers. You can integrate them into your own installation routines; also as silent operations. For further details on our runtime setups read the ReadMe_Runtime.txt:

This ReadMe explains the usage and commandline-switches for the provided Microsoft Visual FoxPro Runtime installers.  After you have installed the VFP runtime once, you then only need to just copy your Application into any directory and it works. If you would use additional thirdparty components like ActiveX controls, you still have to install them on your own.

Any feedback is welcome... kind regards, JoKi