Another sleepless evening or better said sleepless night gave me some time to work on the visual presentation of this blog. During the last weekend I was looking for some ideas on web site templates. Well, there are a lot of free (as in beer) resources out there but nearly everything did not match my favorite taste. After quite a long time searching I came across a web site with a great collection of CSS templates.It is really interesting to see what other people especially designers are capable of. But honestly I prefer to have my focus on software design and development.

The original CSS template used for this blog is called 'Spheroids'. Because of the implementation of the blog software and my personal expectations I tweaked the CSS definitions. The result is what you see now... 🤪

And just for the records I made a screenshot of the previous design. This is not only for fun but gives a good overview how this blog was enhanced over a certain time period. Hm, if I remember correctly, than this change in design is now the fifth one. Maybe I find some older screenshots... could be very interesting.Finally, I'd like to say that these sleepless nights are not funny.

Anyways and sincerely, JoKi