Finally, someone was able to realize one of 'my' ideas for an app. Since I'm here on the island I was always kind of annoyed by the simple fact that you could only read the articles about events that had happened already. Any kind of advertisement or pre-event information was and still is hardly available for quite a number of good events here in Mauritius.

Event calendar and details in Mauritius

Luckily, the development team at Knowledge Seven in Quatre Bornes took care of this issue and they recently published their Android app "Mauritius Vibrations" on the Play Store.

Mauritius Vibrations: Overview of events - Click to enlarge
Mauritius Vibrations: Overview of events
Mauritius Vibrations: Event details - Click to enlarge
Mauritius Vibrations: Event details

The app is available in two editions:

As soon as I saw the public posting over on Google+ I went to their official announcement on the Knowledge Seven blog to get some more background details. So, shut up and take my money ;-)

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Here's my current app review I posted on the Play Store:

Good start, needs some polishing

Well done, and highly appreciated events information. After a quick look I would like to see more views, like 'This week' or 'This month'. Some entries, like movies at the cinema seem to be in the wrong category, ie. child-friendly. Furthermore, I wonder whether events can be classified by multiple categories? It's a solid start but the app needs more polishing and a couple of improvements on the UI.

Of course, it will take a couple of iterations to get the app running smoothly and to the likes of the users, but it's already a great start and I like the UI and handling. I'll be glad to update my app review soon... And looking forward to see an iOS, a Windows Phone 8, as well as a Windows 8 app.

Keep the good work up and deploy fast and often!