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Finally tweeting

Finally, I could convince myself to register an account on Twitter to start micro-blogging. The registration is free, easy and straight forward. No woes at all...

I could have set up a tweet already ages ago but honestly I have to say that I never had any real motivation about this whole concept. Even now, I am not 100% sure about the pros and benefits of Twitter are. Maybe I will get some feedback on this during the next weeks. Perhaps I might use this micro-blogging space for some more questions or even rants... Let's see. ;)

Anyways, the "Get in contact" area in the sidebar is updated and you might follow my tweet on this URL: https://www.twitter.com/JKirstaetter

Sadly, my alias "JoKi" is alerady in use by someone else, but that's life: First come, first serve.

One of the next things I am going to do is to check out of one the many Codeplex projects, namely VFPTweetAPI by Olaf Doschke. First of all, it is to get more familiar with Twitter itself and second I hope that it is easier to tweet from VFP directly than to launch my favorite browser. And last but not least, I might integrate the component into one of my projects like Sunshine.

Definetily more on this topic in the future...