After reading the blog entry of Eric I gave Windows Live Writer a try. Well, the installation is really annoying. Especially the addtional options after the core installation of Writer. What the heck do those funny marketing names stand for? Okay, it's an new toolbar for IE but if I choose not the install Desktop Search engine why is another setup routine asking me that crap again? On Folio? Phishing Filter, etc... sounds nice but in my opinion phishing has primarly to deal with handles and I hardly remember that IE is a mail client - maybe I missed something in the past?

Eric already mentioned the gimmick w/ F2 key and setting a time stamp. Funny, it's only a date picker... time, eh? Time doesn't matter...

But... why inventing a new product like Windows Live Writer as frontend to Web Services while there is already a Microsoft product on the floor? Ever heard of Microsoft InfoPath - that one is already mentioned to act as frontend to XML/databases. Some kind of light-weight Access to remote backend systems like Web applications (using Web Services API) or SQL Server. And even saving a draft is currently a joke... what about the common dialogs to specify a directory and file name?

Actually InfoPath templates as frontend provide more options. I'm missing a feature like 'download existing Weblog' in order to have a local backup. What about comment reading? Currently Live Writer looks like FrontPage for poors. Wow, I found published posts below File :: Open Post... - charming!

And I'd like to categorize my posts... Category selection? Huhu?

Well, I will test and use this tool during the next couple of weeks, but man there is much work to do...


Sincerely, JoKi

PS: This is try #4 to post this article.