Today I finally found a few chunks of time to run through the challenge. It was an interesting journey with some minor hiccups.

I documented all steps as a thread on Twitter, starting in the morning:

Consider the Twitter thread as a high-level roadmap that came together during the day while actually doing my daily chores in regards to contracted software development. The challenge was done in several chunks, almost identical to the content tweets.

The whole resulting implementation is publicly available on GitHub here:

And the final result can be seen here:

I'll see that I'll be able to document each of those steps in a blog article. With proper explanation, commands executed, errors observed and resolved, and a couple of extras I added to it. Have a look at the log/timeline in the GitHub repository...

Break-down of the challenge

Given the amount of information and instructional steps the actual implementation is split into multiple articles.

Each article can be read independently with minor references between each other.

Bonus content

With the actual challenge completed I ventured into a few other options available on the Google Cloud Platform and wrote about it. This has been inspired by posts of other ALC 4.0 learners.

Those articles describe alternative ways to build and deploy the React app on Google Cloud Platform.