just published the core engine of AfpWiki. The code is reuseable for own purposes - whether it is web development or desktop development...

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Hello AFP coderz,

I'd like to share my code fragments of the AfpWiki core engine with you
all. Attached to this message you'll receive a ZIP archive with a sample
and procedure file to run AfpWiki comparable solutions.

It's a standalone sample and will be a sample of future releases of AFP.
Just drop it into a web folder and call afpwiki.afp in your browser. This
sample requires HTML Plugin for Active FoxPro Pages.

If you're going to integrate the code in your existing AFP applications
you have to do these steps:

- Include the procedure file into your AFP application ([xxx.afpa.code]
or [xxx.afp.code]):
*!<[INCLUDE: "afpwiki.code"]>

- Call the function wikinize:
m.lcValue = Wikinize(m.lcValue)

The core engine is just the break down core engine of AfpWiki. It has no
storage or versioning capabilities as AfpWiki provides.

I would be very nice if you send in any questions and improvements on the
code. Either send replies to this thread, or drop me a mail at
jochenk@prolib.de / joki@afpfaq.de

Disclaimer: The code is provided "as-is" and you are using it at your own
risk. ;-)

Kind regards, JoKi