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Speaker at the German Visual FoxPro Developer Conference 2002

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Community 24 July 2013 - 

First time experience as a conference speaker, and directly in a Vendor session on our latest software product: Active FoxPro Pages 3.0 (AFP).

It was our first presentation of AFP since the whole make-over. AFP 3.0 was explicitly developed having performance in mind and the execution of code is multiple times faster than the previous version 2.4. Thanks to multi-threading we were able to improve memory management by magnitudes, and combined with an improved and flexible session management AFP 3.0 scales effortless, even in a web server farm. The newly created AFP ControlCenter provides information about number of worker process, their latest execution time and currently active requests. Plugins allow almost unlimited extensibility of AFP.

Unfortunately, vendor sessions are not part of the conference coverage and I'm still trying to re-discover any pictures from our session.

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